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Cypress WICED CYW20721 Documentation

This page collects software and hardware documentation related to the CYW20721 family of devices and evaluation kits. Links to WICED software API reference material, user guides, and hardware documentation can be found below.

WICED API Reference

  • CYW20721 API functions are logically grouped into Components.
  • API function prototypes are provided in the wiced_btsdk project under the following folders:
  • wiced_btsdk/dev-kit/btsdk-include
  • A global list of all documented functions is available here.

WICED User Guides

WICED Hardware Reference

WICED Website

Further information about WICED is available on the site WICED Website.
The website provides essential information to get started with WICED including:

  • A summary of the latest software features and supported hardware
  • A list of trusted partners supplying WICED development hardware and connectivity solutions
  • A list of Frequently Asked Questions
  • Downloads for the latest versions of ModusToolbox and the WICED BT SDK and related documentation

Bluetooth References

WICED Community

General WICED technical support is available on the Support Community forum.

WICED BT SDK Licensing Information

WICED BT SDK includes various Cypress copyright and third party software components.
The license agreement is available for review here.